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Tae Kwon Do-Yun Moo Kwan Yeonmugwan Association  


SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY: With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.

Class Video         Forward Wrist Throw




The Water Principle

("Yu", or ) → ( Yu Flow)

Yu, Water Principle, can be thought of as the soft, adaptable strength of water. Hapkido is "soft" in that it does not rely on physical force alone, much like water is soft to touch. As the flowing stream penetrates and surrounds its obstructions and as dripping water eventually penetrates the stone, so does the Hapkido strength flow in and through its opponents.



Circle Principle

("Won", or ) → ( Weon Circle)

Won, Circular Principle, is a way to gain momentum to execute techniques in a natural and free-flowing manner. A way of redirecting the opponent's force by leading the attack in a circular pattern.



Harmony - Nonresistance 

("Hwa", or ) → ( Hwa Harmony)

Hwa, Non-Resistance, is simply the act of remaining relaxed and not directly opposing an opponent's strength. Blending motion with the opponent's motion.