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School Rules and Guidelines


v Memberships

v Belt Promotions and Belt Promotions from Credentials of another School or Organization

v Events, Activity, and Curriculum Standards - Participation in any event or activity not provided or supported by the school must be approved by the Head Instructor. This would include Seminars, Demonstrations, Tournaments, and Etc. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this issue, be sure to ask the Head Instructor. 

v Medical Issues Ė Any member recovering from any serious injury and/or illness, involving a doctor, must have a written document, like a written excuse, from the doctor proving the member has a clean bill of health. 

v Class Conduct and Safety

v Uniform/Clothing/Grooming

v Personal Property - Every member is responsible for all of their own property items. Please be sure to place your property in an area away from other peoples' property, so no one loses anything. Please be respectful of others' property. If you suspect or know of any theft, let an instructor know immediately. 

v Little Tigers Disciplinary Policy -

This policy is in the best interest of the students, the parents, and the school when dealing with discipline issues in any school activity or event.

The school cannot take any position on a studentís conduct outside of the school, unless it involves the school. For instance, if the student is involved in an incident outside of the school using something taught in class against someone or involves any conflict of interest for the school, like a legal issue, an issue involving another school or anything harming the decorum of the school, then the school will act in accordance with the schoolís Rules and Guidelines.

With any inappropriate conduct inside the school, whether it involves student or parent, the School Rules and Guidelines will be followed accordingly. For instance, if the parent tries to circumvent or supersede any of the School Rules and Guidelines the instructor has the right to act in accordance with the School Rules and Guidelines. When the parent signs the waiver and registers their child, they are agreeing to the Terms of the School Rules and Guidelines. The parent is encouraged to partake in discussion with the Head Instructor in an open-minded, meaning free from prejudice or bias to only one viewpoint, and in an objective manner to any event or incident that occurs. If the parent cannot act in an open-minded and an objective manner, then the parent will automatically be dismissed from the school with the possibility of the childís membership being terminated, as in accordance with the School Rules and Guidelines.

v The Head Instructor is the one who has the final decision. (This includes things such as Belt Promotions, Training Criteria and Standards, and anything else dealing with the rapport or decorum of the school.) - If you have a problem with something, ask to speak with the instructor privately after class.

Terms of Rules and Guidelines

          Failure to comply or follow these simple Rules or Guidelines to the best of oneís ability will result in disciplinary action by suspension from the school and/or school activities or the permanent termination of school membership. The Head Instructor will be the sole person making any decisions on disciplinary action. All risks and consequences resulting in Injury and/or Medical Complications of the student or member occurring in any school activity or event fall under the conditions of the signed waiver.

          Understand that rules and guidelines may change to maintain the welfare, benefits, and the progress of the school and its members. If you have or recognize an issue of concern, address the issue to the Head Instructor, so matters can be properly resolved.