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We offer Traditional Martial Arts Training through renowned martial art instructors and organizations.

We offer certification through the WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION and the WORLD MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION founded by Grand Master Sang Kyu Shim, which includes Weapons Training.

Instructor Clark's experience also stems from law enforcement and combat experience in the Marine Corps. 

The ethical values standpoint and atmosphere you will find is Christian based.


           There are many different reasons people practice the martial arts. Some people practice the martial arts more for sporting reasons and others practice more for profitable reasons or for other reasons of interest. However, our school, Tae Kwon Do-Yun Moo Kwan Yeonmugwan Association,  focuses more on characteristics and virtues that of the artisan, philosopher, and preservationist of community interests.


“As the good of the sportsman is success in sport, that of the philosopher logical thought, and that of the businessman to make profit, so is it the good of the martial artist to realize his fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.” – Sang Kyu Shim

“The martial arts are a way of life. They are means to creative self-actualization and service to others. In their proper exercise they provide the necessary discipline, control, and fortitude needed in the pursuit of perfection and the realization of virtue in everyday life.” – Sang Kyu Shim