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How To Tie Your Belt




        Do not wash your belt, because you could possibly wash the dye out. Traditionally, the belts are not washed anyway.


1. Hold the center of the belt it in front of you. Place the center of the belt just below your navel and wrap it twice around your waist. Have the portion of the belt going back around the right hip cross over the top of the belt in the back. Tuck the portion of the belt that crosses under the top portion under the rest of the belt (Examine the picture above carefully to understand this). This method will keep the belt from crossing in the back and give it the single wrap look.Pull the ends even and snug, but comfortable.

2. Take the left end over the right end.

3. And tuck it underneath everything between your stomach and the belt layers and pull it snug, but comfortable. Make sure the ends are even.

4. and 5. Now, take the right end over the left end and underneath that end to pull through and tie it.

6. and 7. Now, pull both ends simultaneously to tighten the belt snug, but comfortably. Make sure the ends are even.


If METHOD 1 doesnít work for you, then follow the pictorial below.


If done correctly both ends of the belt should protrude from the knot parallel to the ground and drape down with equal length. If you are still having difficulty, ask the instructor or a student to demonstrate for you.